Employee Focus

Employee Focus


Our Values describe NASCAR as we want it to be. We want our decisions and actions to demonstrate these Values. We believe that putting our Values into practice creates long-term benefits for all involved in this great sport. 




Integrity – We are personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work and to fulfill our commitments as responsible citizens and employees.

Style – We treat everyone we interact with, from clients and licensees to our fellow coworkers, with respect and interact with good style.

Work Ethic – We work hard and work smart; this is not a company for the faint hearted; long hours are often required to get the job done.
Results – Everyone is expected to produce results each and every day, whether answering the telephone and delivering messages in an accurate and timely manner or closing big deals; everyone makes a difference.

Communication – Communication is critical, we must each think about who needs to know and who will be impacted by your actions and keep them in the loop.

Leading Edge – We must stay current with matters in our field of expertise. To be successful, we all have to be ahead of the curve.

Know the Business – Every NASCAR employee must know the business – inside and out.

Free Thinking – Employees are encouraged to think outside the box; there is always time to entertain innovative, well thought out ideas on how to do things better.

Strategic – We keep the bigger picture in mind; we plan and think about how what we do impacts the industry as a whole – now and in the future.

Organization – Is a key of success; NASCAR employees must be “on top of their game”.

Professionalism – We dress, speak and act with professionalism; presentation is important; we are important ambassadors of the sport.

Diversity and Inclusion – Diverse backgrounds and experiences are engaged in all facets of our work to create and cultivate an inclusive environment where employees are valued, respected and supported.

Accessibility – Senior management is committed to being accessible at all times.

Teamwork – We produce results, but not at the expense of the team; making the Company a success is a team effort so working well with the other members is a must.


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