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Meet The Team

Meet The Team


NASCAR employees are passionate about their work. Learn about some of your future colleagues below! 






Maureen Bannon CroppedMaureen Bannon Cropped

Maureen | Legal
I am a member of the NASCAR Legal team and my role includes processing and assisting in the drafting of contracts for our sponsors, tracks, professional services and special events.  I also provide administrative support to our attorneys. NASCAR is a sport grounded in families, teamwork, speed, and excitement.  This applies to my work environment as well.  The pace is fast and the daily challenges require teamwork for success.  The deep-rooted sense of “family” carries throughout my department, the company as a whole, and onto the track.  It’s a very exciting place to work!

Stephen | Technology Development
I am part of the Technology Development team and my role is to understand how all of our business units use technology every day and find ways to increase efficiencies and/or production by introducing new workflows or solutions.  I also work with our Business Development and Partnership Marketing teams to help bring new technology partners into the sport, while evangelizing and showcasing all of the great technology that our existing partners bring to the table. I’ve worked in technology for other industries, but NASCAR is so unique and has so much rich history that I’ve become extremely passionate about the sport.  It’s what motivates me to be an ambassador of the sport and tell the world about all of the amazing things we’re doing here.
Lea WinfieldLea Winfield

Lea | Human Resources
I am a proud member of our NASCAR Human Resources team. As a Recruiter, I am responsible for utilizing social media and high-tech/high-touch approaches to build and execute robust go to market strategies to attract highly talented individuals to our open roles with NASCAR and IMSA. I also manage the recruiting process from position opening through posting, interviewing, selection, new hire process and onboarding for a high volume of unique job requirements. Prior to working at NASCAR, I worked at a staffing agency recruiting for IT positions as well as their internal talent and was an HR Business Consultant at an energy company. What I love about working for NASCAR is that there is always something new to be learned every day and I enjoy being able to contribute to building our teams across the organization!
Jasser Valerio CroppedJasser Valerio Cropped

Jasser | Competition Technology
I work in Competition Technology and am responsible for supporting trackside technology infrastructure, hardware and software.   My job includes deploying and supporting the network that NASCAR officials use for the Mobile Officiating Inspection Process. Being both a motorsports and technology enthusiast, my favorite aspect of working for NASCAR is that not only do I have the opportunity to work trackside with some of  the latest, cutting edge technology, but I also get to experience the excitement of a NASCAR race on a weekly basis.



Chad LittleChad Little

Chad | Competition
Prior to working for the sanctioning body, I was a driver for Roush Racing and competed in the two highest national series in NASCAR. Now, as the Managing Director of Technical Inspection and Officiating, I manage the Inspection and Officiating teams as well as the inspection, penalty and appeal processes.  Working with our inspectors and officials to build a solid team that will help guide NASCAR into the future is my favorite part of my job.

Maritza | NASCAR Properties
I was hired as a Receptionist in 2003 in the New York office, and I haven’t looked back since. Over the years I have also worked as an Administrative Assistant and currently work as the Office Coordinator, with my hands in everything office related. In my position I interact and assist employees at every level of the company – from interns to our CEO – and they are an amazing, talented and diverse group of people. Considering that I spend more time here, NASCAR is my home away from home and I love working and taking in all the challenges with my team. Regardless of what position you hold, everyone comes together as one, and that is what makes us part of something special.

Chris | Security
As the Chief Security Officer of NASCAR, I am responsible for leading enterprise-wide security strategies and risk management operations, as well as the strategic development and security execution for corporate, facility, event, and executive protection. I work closely with local, state, federal and international law enforcement and intelligence agencies; third party security partners; and collaborate with other professional sports associations on behalf of NASCAR fans, venues, teams, and infrastructure. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of my job within NASCAR is the opportunity to collaborate with the many dedicated security and law enforcement professionals, throughout the country, charged with safeguarding our events on behalf of our fans.

John | Research & Development
I oversee the Safety Engineering team at the Research and Development center, which includes researching, developing and approving driver and vehicle safety specifications and systems. My team also evaluates and makes recommendations regarding submitted safety devices and rules and we design, develop and conduct component and full-scale quasi-static and dynamic safety tests. I really enjoy how our technical work is always changing. We have a good mix of long term research projects and short term “fire drills”, which keep the work interesting each week.



Matthew | Entertainment Marketing
I oversee Entertainment Marketing Integrations and work on the Original Content team; we work to put our drivers and our sport into existing entertainment programming (i.e. TV shows, movies, etc.) and develop and produce movies, TV shows and digital content for NASCAR.  We also create broad, large scope program partnerships with entertainment intellectual properties and companies that bring added value to our fan experience and engage new audiences.  I  like that NASCAR fosters a creative and dynamic working environment and is a highly collaborative company. Every day brings new challenges and the ability to implement new ideas.

Emily | Digital Services and Partnerships
Before working at NASCAR, I worked in Public Relations for 7 years in fashion and entertainment in Los Angeles. At NASCAR, I am a member of the NASCAR Digital Media team, where I manage projects for as well as other accounts associated with our NASCAR Digital Media Services division. I am constantly challenged with new projects which enables me to consistently learn and grow, keeping me engaged and excited about my job. My favorite part about working at NASCAR is being able to work alongside some of the brightest minds in sports, my colleagues are very talented and driven, but also know how to keep it fun!

Rob | Industry Services
As the Director of Driver Marketing my role is primarily focused around building Driver Star Power through unified brand strategies, driver brand alignment and strategic integrations/placements. Our team is also the conduit between the league and our number one asset - the drivers. I really enjoy seeing the drivers we partner with succeed on and off the track. Watching them make trips to victory lane, appear in movies like Cars 3, or experience large growth on their social media platforms really makes this job fun. And the best part is, it never stops, there is always room for more.

Nichelle | Legal
As Senior Counsel, Digital & Privacy Data, I advise NASCAR Digital Media and other NASCAR affiliates on technology-related agreements and compliance with privacy, data security, advertising, promotion and other laws.  I also draft and negotiate content license agreements in which NASCAR Digital Media and other NASCAR affiliates license NASCAR programming, highlights and data to other media companies.  NASCAR Digital Media is a fairly new division of NASCAR and  I enjoy being a part of building something new and serving as a caretaker to ensure that it is protected and that it continues to grow in a positive direction.



Fraser | NASCAR Digital Media
Prior to NASCAR, I was a producer for a local sport talk radio show. Now, I perform business analysis as part of the platform management team responsible for I help to maintain and update the priorities of our business units and also write business requirements for all projects and enhancements made to the website. My favorite part of my job is the people I work with. I am fortunate to work with a group that is dedicated to making the premier sports website around.

Carissa | Human Resources
As a Benefits Specialist in the Human Resources department I assist employees with their benefit elections and work on the team that plans and executes wellness activities company-wide. My favorite part of my job is being able to interact with our employees and helping them realize that they can trust me to assist in guiding them through some important decisions in regards to their benefits here at NASCAR.

Jennifer | IMSA
Originally from Texas, I joined IMSA Communications in Daytona Beach as an intern in 2016 and accepted a full-time position in 2017. As part of the Communications team, I assist with managing social media accounts, updating series statistics and producing content for Aside from traveling to each race, my favorite part of my job is that I get to work with an incredible group of people every day. IMSA has been encouraging and supportive since the day I joined the team and I feel like I have a second family. I couldn’t ask for a better group to be a part of!

Pete | Brand Marketing
I lead the team that is responsible for the NASCAR brand, our consumer marketing campaigns, and programs that foster more young, diverse fans. We’re responsible for connecting people with racing, and help shape the future of the sport and the NASCAR brand. It’s an incredible privilege to market one of the coolest sports in the world. We have an amazing team with diverse backgrounds and experience. Along with hard work and passion, we also make having fun a priority!



Jeff | Series Marketing
Prior to NASCAR, I worked with the Chicago Bulls for 19 years overseeing the team’s in-game experience, strategy and design. At NASCAR, my job includes leading the team that works with tracks to create an enhanced race day experience for our fans by designing entertainment and fan experiential initiatives.  I also oversee the team that provides oversight of race weekend events including qualifying, pre-race planning and execution, Victory Lane and more.  Due to the traveling nature of our sport, I enjoy getting to spend time with people from all across the country in various capacities. The culture at NASCAR is tremendous and, in short, one large family.

Marlene | Transportation
Before coming to NASCAR, I was the General Manager of a race team; I have always loved racing and being a part of the competition on a weekly basis. My job at NASCAR is in a different capacity, but I really enjoy that I still get to contribute to bringing the excitement of NASCAR racing to the public every week. As a Manager in the Transportation department, part of my job is to handle all of the regulatory steps necessary to keep the trucks carrying equipment to the races on the road week after week. I also supervise the day-to-day activities of the team at the Transportation Center responsible for repairs and maintenance of our fleet. 

Jason | Industry Services
I started my career at NASCAR with an internship in the Daytona Beach office and currently work as part of the Team Marketing division based out of Charlotte. In my role, I work with National Series race teams to help build successful marketing partnerships.  The best part about my job here at NASCAR are the relationships I get to build across the industry.  It’s wonderful to work side-by-side with so many individuals who share the same commitment and goals to move our sport forward.

Scott | Information Technology
I'm a Communications Engineer working in the IT Infrastructure department. My responsibilities include managing all VOIP systems throughout the company, IT core Infrastructure on NASCAR series haulers, and being the primary IT support for NASCAR owned tracks such as Road Atlanta and Iowa Speedway. My favorite part of my job is that there are no restrictions to what I can learn within my department. I have the capabilities and resources to broaden my skills to no limit. I also really enjoy feeling the appreciation from end users and departments for the work I do for them. I have a great team around me and I'm grateful to be part of it.